Several times I have had new clients tell me of bad experiences they have had with other therapists. It would range from them saying that they would grit and bear the pain because they thought it would be more effective or the complete opposite; the pressure was so light they didn’t even feel like they were getting a massage. As I would sit and attentively listen to each story; I would ask the question; “well did you say anything?”

This is your time you have chosen to allocate for yourself first and foremost. So, if at any point the massage is not up to your expectations then you owe it to yourself to Speak Up! I had a client today. I started her face down. So after massaging her for 25 minutes, I noticed she was moving her head in the face cradle a few times. So, I asked her, “Would you like me to adjust your face cradle?” Her response was, “yes please, a little higher.” I made the adjustments in less than 30 seconds.

Sometimes that is all it takes. Nonverbal communication will speak just as high as verbal; If you have a good therapist. But, let’s be honest there are times when you will have a not so good massage even if you do speak up. That is the way the cookie will crumble. But the least you can do is inform the therapist so that they will not finish the massage thinking they did a good job.

I have performed a few couples massage where the other therapist did not perform as well as myself. Prior to the clients checking out, I would ask how was their massage? If, it was not satisfactory or plain out “the worst massage” they have ever had then their massage would either be discounted or given for free. It still does not erase the experience that happened, but at that point of time; it was a show of good business. Never did we want the money; we wanted to establish a good rapport so that clientele will return and spread the word. By the clients speaking up, the therapist was able to gain insight; make adjustments and have the opportunity to get better.

At the end of the day; it’s your time and your money. Don’t walk away disappointed and left with the impression that massages are not beneficial! You have a voice so please


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