Let’s Have a Girls Night In



So we all know that girl time is important. We also know that massages are important as well. Well why not host a girls night in and bring the two together! I will come equipped with my massage chair or massage table or if you choose; both can be provided to give your girl's the option of choosing which one they would like.  Aromatherapy, warm stones and music of your preference are also provided to enhance the massage experience.  My main goal is ensuring that each individual is comfortable and relaxed!

Depending on the number of people each session can vary from 15 to 30 minutes.  And as the host if you book more than 5 people your session will be for free! So call the ladies up, and let's set a date. This will be an event that each person can take turn hosting.  Because let's face it; we need our time to hang, we need our time to vent and we need our time to have fun and be ourselves! And the perfect way to do it is with a

Contact me for a customized quote at 330-906-0087 or vmbrownlmt@gmail.com

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