Am I Supposed to be Sore?

I had a first-time client come in the other week.  She had disclosed that it had been a few years since her last massage and even then it was not on a regular basis.  She received a 60 minute Swedish massage; my pressure alternating from medium, to firm to deep in certain areas.  Afterwards, I explained to her that it was important to drink plenty of water.  And for those that don’t know why it is important; water will help the kidneys and other organs process the various substances which move through the body on a regular basis. Massage therapy serves as an aid in releasing toxins in the body.  Drinking a good amount of water will help to flush the toxins out.

So two days later, I reached out to my client to see how she was feeling; if she was in any pain or soreness.  She replied that she was a little sore the day after the massage, but the next day she was feeling better.

A little soreness is to be expected if you receive a firm to deep pressure massage.  It’s like going to the gym after not going for a while.  If you have a good work out, you are going to experience a little soreness.  The same can be applied to massage.  The therapist is actively working the muscle; stretching, kneading and applying pressure that is going to get it out of it’s normal feeling of being tight and restricted.  So, a little soreness is okay. The key is to not just stop going.

A good therapist will explain that muscles have muscle memory.  It is your and the therapists job that after the massage, to recommit the good feeling to the muscle’s memory.  Not to get a massage; say oh I feel good and then carry on as if that one massage is supposed to be a cure all.  Self-care techniques should be explained to help enhance the work the therapist has just completed so that when your next appointment comes; which should not be 6 months later 😉 the therapist can continue where she/he left off.

At minimal massage should be received at least once a month.  Just like you have to get your car maintenance every three to five thousand miles; your body needs the same maintenance monthly.  If you do this; you will most definitely see and feel an improvement in your overall health, sleep patterns, handle stress better, increase circulation, metabolism and energy levels and even a glow to your skin.

If you receive a massage and feel a little soreness; do not be alarmed. Increase your water intake, relax in a nice Epsom salt bath (preferably lavender and eucalyptus blend), do some stretches in the morning or evening or both.  And know that it will pass in a day or two.




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