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Relax... take a moment for
yourself &

enjoy the tranquil & healing music.


Allow me to provide you with a nice relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to alleviating any stress, tension or pain that you may be experiencing.  My massage sequence is unique in the sense that I integrate various modalities into one to ensure your massage is most effective.  Never will you just receive a typical Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.  I take the time to listen to what you tell me during our consultation and then I listen to what the body is telling me as I begin to massage you.  So, by the end of your session you will walk away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed!

My sequence includes the use of aromatherapy, warm basalt stones and essential oils. These elements added to your massage serves to enhance the relaxation process. If you suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches/migraines or simply looking to just take some time out for yourself; then I am the therapist you need to see.  If you are a marathon runner or an athlete;  you will definitely see improvements after a session with me. Each massage is curtailed just for you.  You may just want upper body worked on; or you may not like your feet worked on; I adapt to what your requests are.

Lastly, if you are a company looking to improve you wellness program, have a health fair or an employee appreciation day; then chair massage would be the perfect way to do so. Whether it is 5 or 20 minute sessions; chair massage has been a proven success in decreasing sick days, increasing morale and productivity in the workplace. 

Having been a therapist from Ohio since 2009; my passion for massage therapy has not diminished one ounce. Having worked in high-end spas and chiropractic offices; I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise to make myself a better massage therapist. My background also includes having served proudly and honorably 7 years in the United States Air Force. The same work ethic that was instilled in me then is the same that I have now. I stay committed to providing Excellence in every massage I perform.


2 Locations:

3250 W. Market St. Fairlawn, OH (beside the Hilton Hotel)

1989 Front St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH, (inside the Sheraton Hotel)



Swedish Massage ~   60min $65.00; 75min $80.00; 90min $95.00; 120min $130.00

Deep Tissue ~  60min $65.00; 75min $80.00; 90min $95.00; 120min $130.00

Couples Massage ~ 60min $130.00; 75min $160.00; 90min $190.00

Prenatal Massage ~ 60min $65.00; 75min $80.00; 90min $95.00

Sports Massage ~ 60min $65.00; 75min $80.00; 95min $90.00; 120min $130.00

Mobile Massage Rates:

Swedish Massage ~   60min $90.00; 75min $105.00; 90min $120.00 120min $180.00

Deep Tissue ~  60min $90.00 75min $105.00; 90min $120.00; 120min $180.00

Couples Massage ~ 60min $180.00; 75min $210.00; 90min $240.00

Prenatal Massage ~ 60min $90.00 75min $105.00 90min $120.00

Sports Massage ~ 60min $80.00 75min $95.00 90min $110.00 120min 180.00

Corporate Chair Massage ~ Call for a customized quote

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