It’s nice to be kneaded…


Relax... take a moment for
yourself &

enjoy the tranquil & healing music.

 Bringing the complete Spa experience to your front door; all you have to do is RELAX and be REJUVENATED!

We provide a soft cushioned massage table, aromatherapy, hot towels, hot stones, essential oils or lotion and music of your preference.  All you have to do is designate the area in your home you feel most comfortable and prepare to escape from the day to day stresses life continues to give us.

Whether it is a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, Couples or Prenatal massage, my massage sequence consists of various techniques to ensure that your massage is most effective for you.

Some people have never had hot stones or have had a bad experience with hot stones and may be a little reluctant.  Rest assured that you have no worries here.  Never do I just "place" the stones on your body.  They are strategically massaged onto certain areas such as the neck, shoulders, feet and back.  If they are too hot for me to hold then I KNOW they will be too hot for your body.  So, I allow the stones to cool down before being used.

Please note that each massage sequence is curtailed to provide you comfort. So, if you opt not to have the stones and the towels (due to the weather being extremely hot down here) then we can omit that with no problems.

Having been a therapist from Ohio since 2009, not only have I worked in high-end spas and chiropractic offices;  I have a strong work ethic instilled in me from serving 7 years in the United States Air Force.  And with that background, I stay committed to providing Excellence in every massage I perform.

Same Day Appointments Available  


Swedish Massage ~   60min $75.00; 75min $90.00; 90min $105.00; 120min $150.00

Deep Tissue ~  60min $75.00; 75min $90.00; 90min $105.00; 120min $150.00

Couples Massage ~ 60min $150.00; 75min $180.00; 90min $210.00

Prenatal Massage ~ 60min $75.00; 75min $90.00; 90min $105.00

Sports Massage ~ 60min $75.00; 75min $90.00; 90min $105.00; 120min $150.00

Corporate Chair Massage ~ Prices may vary depending on venue.  Please call for customized quote.

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